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Non-Hollywood Style Films

The following is a list of must-see non-Hollywood style, avant-garde films according to a collection of professors at NYU film school. I don't necessarily go along with all of them, but there are some interesting non-Hollywood style films listed here. According to the professors, the cookie cutter nature of today's Hollywood films has made a lot of us forget that movies were, at one time, art. Even so-called independent films today could use some brushing up on the independent films of yesterday. Many are from a time when the form was still an open book, and many are post war era films. You can't find most of them at the corner video shop; the only place they are shown is at film classes, with the occasional run on A&E. In any case, if you get a chance to catch any of these films, you should.

 The Filmmakers

 and their recommended films.
Lindsey Anderson Every Day Except Christmas
Thursday's Children
John Huston Let There Be Light
Frederick Wiseman High School
Law and Order
Shirley Clarke Bridges-Go-Round
Oskar Fischinger Motion Painting #1
Hilary Harris Nine Variations on a Dance Theme
Robert Breer Fuji
Fist Fight
A Study In Choreography for the Camera
Maya Deren The Very Eye of Night
Meshes on the Afternoon
Frank Capra Prelude To War
Pare Lorentz The Plow That Broke The Plains
Bruce Conner Cosmic Ray
 Dziga Vertov  Man With A Movie Camera
Walter Ruttmann Berlin, Symphony of a Great City
L'Etoile de Mer
Man Ray Check your local Museum listings for his films, they will put all of MTV gimmicks into perspective.
 Kenneth Anger Scorpio Rising
 Fritz Lang Metropolis
 Luis Bunuel  Un Chien Andalou
 Ed Emshwiller George Dunston's Place
Skin Matrix
Three Dances
 Meredith Monk Ellis Island


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