Moulin Rouge FX Breakdown

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The following shots are from the incredible Quicktime movie on Animal Logic's web site. Animal Logic is the Australian CGI/effects company that did many of the special effects for MOULIN ROUGE, including the opening sequence that we examined tonight.

There are two Quicktime movies on their site -- one which shows the sequence and the other which breaks down the sequence into many of its components. Go to this page to see them. There are only four samples below, including the final composite. Other examples given on the site include the wire frame, the texture, CG and matte paintings, depth passes, animated live action passes, various live action shoots and their matching mattes, animated mattes, model work and, even, a pass to create a damaged film look.


The compositing starts with sketches created by the production designer and the effects house. Many many steps down the line they begin to create computer wireframes. The shots below begin with the shadow pass, which is created after the wireframes have been locked down and filled in with form and texture.


Shadow pass
This came after the wireframe and other early components.

CG City pass
(Note the blue screen sitting inside the Montmarte gate where moving images are going to sit behind other moving images)

CG Base Composite
This is before the additional of the live action foreground elements

Final Composite
Includes the live action components set in front of the base composite, as well as the addition of the sky.

More information on Animal Logic's work on this and other films is available at their web site. click on their logo below to go there.


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