Log Line #3 Assignment

For Class #12

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Due next Tuesday, Nov 18, 2003

For your final log line assignment this semester you are to create a log line based on a script or a script idea that you would like to make into a movie. If you have an idea or a script that you have been lugging around for years, so much the better. This exercise will test your intimate knowledge of that script. If you do not have your own script or idea then you should use one that you feel passionate about that was developed by a friend or a co-worker.

The point of this exercise is to choose a film idea that has not yet been made into a movie and convey to me, with passion (and, yes, with adjectives) why that idea would make a great movie.

Remember several things before you start writing up your idea:

As always, keep your log lines to no more than two sentences. One is fine.

Since this log line will be part of your final grade I would recommend that you spend a good amount of time thinking about it before you start writing, and revising it after your first attempt. Think of the script analysis that I have been forcing down your throat these past nine weeks. What is important in this script? What makes the characters and story different from other films? Writers work for weeks perfecting their pitches, I expect you to spend some considered time on yours. I know that some of you have dashed off the previous log lines at last the last minute. I would highly advise against doing that this time.

The written response will be due at the beginning of class next Tuesday. I will not accept late or e-mailed responses so don't forget it.

In a change from our previous log lines exercises, I will insist for this last exercise that you type up this idea. Since your studio or producer pitches can't be handwritten, this one will not be either (that doesn't sound like good grammar but I'll let it slide).

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