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The two timelines below give a very simplistic idea of what the Avid timeline looks like. As you get better and better at working on the Avid, you will find that you will be doing most of your editing and manipulation from this timeline. Note that these are screen shots from an Avid 7.0 system. Your mileage may vary.


The timeline above is a simple one, with a picture and sync track from one take only. It shows most of the functionality on the Avid timeline. The blue line is your basic "You Are Here" line. The button on the bottom left is called the "hamburger" and it leads to a menu with a slew of timeline specific instructions. Among these are the ability to create or show tracks, change the Time Code designation on the bottom to footage, and show audio waveforms (often helpful when fine tuning audio cuts or finding music beats).

The yellow and red arrows are key to how your editing decisions will work with the existing footage -- using the yellow arrow will insert new material inside of the old and will affect the overall length of the material, the red will replace the material already there with new material, without changing overall length.

This timeline shows a series of picture cuts with one audio track. When the trim button is clicked, or when the cursor is dragged from right to left across a transition (video-speak for "cut"), that cut is selected for trimming work. From here you can extend or cut back on shots, not unlike working on 35mm or on Premiere.

Screen shots courtesy of ©Avid Technologies.

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