Lassoing The Avid Timeline

For Class #2

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By lassoing across multiple tracks you can create those pink rollers across muliple cuts and multiple tracks. In the example below lasoing the way the dotted lines show in the top picture, will create transition rollers around the one audio take completely circled, and at the beginning of the first full cut and the last fully circled cut in the picture. You're going to want to be careful what it is you lasso and whether you lasso from the right to the left or vice versa.

Note that the "lock lights" (the column to the immediate left of the V1/A1/A2 track desingations) are not selected, meaning that if you make changes to the V1 and A2 tracks that affect length, it will throw those tracks out of sync with the A1 audio track. Clicking on the little box to the left of the track designation buttons will sync tracks up to each other.


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