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Here are samples of the lists of commands that the Avid is capable of. These screens, from the Avid 7.0 manual, give a sense of the motion and editing functions. You can make any key on your keyboard do any of these commands. Check them out and see a few of the hundreds of things that the Avid can do.

The buttons on the top palette ("Move buttons") are cCommands that move the You Are Here blue line around on the timeline and within your edit. Since the You Are Here blue line bascially controls what you see in the Record Monitor, these controls are like the synchronizer on your editing table or the inching knob on your flatbed.

The "Play buttons", on the second palette, control the playing of your material, much like the controls on your VCR.

The final palette (the "Edit buttons") are the basic buttons used in editing -- changing lengths, moving bits and pieces around, adding and deleting footage from your cut, and more.

Screen shots © Avid Technology

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