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For Class #2

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This analysis breaks down the scene we are studying tonight from NAKED line-by-line and shot-by-shot. I heartily the recommend the entire film for those of you who haven't seen it. It is a consistently accomplished, in-depth character study of a soul on the edge of society.

NAKED (1995)

directed by Mike Leigh

Scene Analysis

Where are we coming from?

JOHNNY and SOPHIE are avoiding introducing themselves to each other in silhouette in her kitchen

JOHNNY: I see your boomerang came back then, love.

SOPHIE: It's not my fuckin' boomerang.

JOHNNY: What about the old diminishing pachyderm formation there?

SOPHIE: No, that's all Sandra's collection. She's in Zimbabwe at the moment and fuck knows what she's gonna bring back

CU pan through bookcase








revealing SOPHIE handing a joint over to JOHNNY.

from there.

JOHNNY: Pellagra or hepatitis B or some..



SOPHIE: She's with her boyfriend.


SOPHIE pulls her blouse off of her shoulders and throws JOHNNY a look.


JOHNNY: So, how is Louise?

MS - JOHNNY reacts.


SOPHIE: I dunno.. I don't know 'er as well as

MS - SOPHIE shrugs.


JOHNNY: D'you get on with 'er?

SOPHIE: We've been out a couple o' times. MS - SOPHIE
JOHNNY: Does she like you? MS - JOHNNY

SOPHIE: I dunno - you'd better ask 'er. Most people don't.

JOHNNY: D'you find that she's at all jealous of you?


.. CU - JOHNNY reacts, laughing at her.



CU - SOPHIE blank reaction
I dunno.. Would you describe yourself as a .. happy little person? CU - JOHNNY
SOPHIE: Yeah, I'm the life and soul. CU - SOPHIE
JOHNNY laughs CU - JOHNNY laughs


JOHNNY: Have you ever thought, right..

CU - SOPHIE raises her eyes and head
I mean, you don't know, but you might already 'ave had the happiest moment in your whole fuckin' life, and all you've got to look forward to is sickness CU - JOHNNY

and purgatory?

SOPHIE: Oh shit! Well.. I just live from day to day, meself.

CU - SOPHIE reacts

leans forward to take joint

JOHNNY: I tend to skip a day now and again - you know what I mean? CU - JOHNNY (is not leaning forwards - NOTE MISMATCH)
I used to be CU - SOPHIE laughs and takes a hit off the joint.
a werewolf, but I'm all right NOW!! CU - JOHNNY


SOPHIE: Oh, fuckin' 'ell!!

CU - SOPHIE, startled, reacts.

JOHNNY groans.

SOPHIE: I bet they're 'appy, eh?

CU - JOHNNY reacts, his head hurts.
All they gotta do is sit round, howlin' at CU - SOPHIE

the moon.

JOHNNY: It's better than standin' on the cheesy fuckin' thing. Know what I mean? I mean, tossin' all these satellites and shuttles out into the cosmos - what do they think they're gonna find up there that they can't find down 'ere? They think if they piss high

enough, they're gonna come across the monkey with the beard and the crap ideas, and it's like, "Oh,

CU - SOPHIE smokes

and looks at JOHNNY. She is completely stoned.

there you are, Captain! I mean' are you busy, because I've got a few fundamental questions for you!" Are you with me? CU - JOHNNY getting into it.
SOPHIE: Yeah .. cos let's face it, right, what are rockets? I mean, they're just.. big metal pricks! CU - SOPHIE

You know, I mean, the bastards aren't satisfied with fuckin' the earth up - they've gotta fuck space an' all.

JOHNNY: Will you tell me something, love?

CU - JOHNNY reacts, disappointed.


He reaches for the joint.

Are you aware of the effect you have on the average mammalian, Mancunian,

CU - SOPHIE as she hands him the joint.

She reacts to this question.

x-y-ly chromosome, slavering , lusty male member of the species? CU - JOHNNY
SOPHIE: Er yeah. CU - SOPHIE (fast reaction)
JOHNNY: I thought so. CU - JOHNNY (fast reaction)

Where are we going?

We cut fast to JEREMY working out at his club.

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