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This is the original continuity that I created for JUST LOOKING (or, as it was called then, CHERRY PINK). The changes that the film went through are typical of the editing process.


Cherry Pink
August 13, 1998
Editor's Cut

1 Establish Bronx neighborhood
2 Lenny in Polinsky’s butcher shop
3 Lenny & Mrs. E talk re: Polinksy
4 Photo pan
5 Mrs. E tells Lenny about brisket
6 Marty tells Lenny about sex
7 Lenny discovers "one handed"
8 Lenny & Mrs. Edelberg (plum f/floor)
9 Fork fantasy. "Not in front of boy."
10 Lenny gets flashlight and goes out.
11 "My schwantz likes this music."
12 Lenny almost caught at peephole
13 Lenny claims he fell out of bed
14 Polinksy sees peephole
15 Mrs. B gives out summer assignment
16 Lenny reveals what he wants to do
17 Polinksy insists Lenny go to Queens
18 Sylvia & Lenny talk. He will go.
19 Phil & Norma pick up Lenny
21 Queens Montage [STOCK FTG]
22 Phil partially wins over Lenny
23 Lenny eats burgers, meets John
24 Lenny instructed by Jerry Goldstein
25 Fantasy Sheena & Tarzan
26 Phil’s Market establisher
27 Phil instructs John & Lenny
28 Lenny admires bike, meets Hedy
29 Boys check out Weeds, go to Hedy’s
30 Lenny sees Hedy’s furniture
31 Lenny & John clown with bananas
33 Lenny & John see Hedy cheesecake
34 Lenny asks re: Sex Club bike to A’s
35 Lenny’s 1st Sex Club meeting
36 Lenny & Phil bond at track
A37 Phil teaches Lenny to hit
37 Box Cutter instructions
A38 Phil shows Lenny how to box
38 Alice explains orgasms
39 Phil/Norma say good night. No fantasy
40 Alice calls emergency Sex Club mtg
41 Porno comic and Lenny sees mirrors
42 Lenny gets bird book
43 Lenny works in store "OB/GYN"
44 Lenny cages Phil’s binoculars
45 Polinsky figures out about binoculars
46 Block party. Guido gets his
47 Block party. Alice can’t watch
48 Lenny’s folks meet Hedy. Dr Q in
49 Block party. Alice reveals feelings
50 John chickens out of watching
51 Polinksy sees John out of Weeds
54-55 Polinksy busts Lenny, gets socked
56 Polinksy doesn’t rat Lenny out
57 Lenny reveals new plan, eats donut
58 Hedy asks Lenny to water plants
59 Lenny waters plants & fantasizes
60 Hedy’s back!!
61 Lenny out of bathroom
62 Hedy in car. Lenny’s pants down
63 Lenny doesn’t go to movie
64 Lenny takes Hedy’s keys
65 Lenny hides in closet
66 Hedy & Dr. Q enter in mid-fight
67 Dr. Q leaves. Lenny on bed
68 Hedy sings in mirror
69 Lenny not in closet
70 Lenny discovered in bedroom
71 Lenny/Hedy open up to each other
M71 Talking the night away
72 Lenny/Hedy say tender goodnight
73 Lenny floats home sings
74 Lenny tells Club about night
75 Montage: Phil’s Market is happy
76 "She can’t believe you’re breathing"
77 Hedy offers Lenny a ride home
A78 Storm outside Norma and Phil’s
78 Lenny/Norma play gin
79 Rain comes down in buckets
80 Norma’s water breaks.
81 Lenny exits his house into rain
82 Lenny takes John’s bike
83 Lenny hits broken glass
84 Lenny runs to Hedy’s
85 Lenny gets key & goes into Hedy’s
86 Hedy isn’t in living room
87 Lenny opens bedroom door
88 Lenny sees Phil & Hedy!
89 The day after. Lenny wakes up.
90 Lenny sees "It’s a girl!" on mirror
91 Phil spills the beans.
92 Mort gives Lenny the book
94 Lenny regales his club w/ the book
95 Lenny says goodbye to club & kiss
96 Phil makes peace with Lenny
97 Hedy makes peace with Lenny
98 Lenny wants meat for dinner
99 Polinsky car heads home


The End

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