Beginning to Understand SHUT UP AND SING

as of

February 1, 2007

The key to editing any film, consisten with its other creative elements, is to understand what the script wants to do. In other words, what does this film do and what are its concerns.

At our second week's class we will spend some time beginning to figure out what SHUT UP AND SING is about, at its core. In 535 we called this a logline, and its main purpose is to give us a guidepost that we can check back to as we cut each scene. This is a process that will be an ongoing, continuing evolving one. It will be handy to look back on this as we explore the film in its greater depths.

This list will be continually updated as our thoughts evolve.

The story

A group of former college a capella group singers learns to accept growing older.
Moment of glory is past.
Come together for Greg’s wedding.
A la The Big Chill.


midlife crisis, fearful of aging, kids, life-clock, likable. Through the movie he accepts getting older, with the help of the elderly couple and Ted’s suicide attempt.


recently divorced, funny, romantically challenged, paranoid, depressed, likable


rich, eccentric, pretty boy, comfortable with himself, no ambitions, easy, doesn’t change, likable, not in a committed relationship.


just fired, unhappily married, uptight and conservative, not so likable, comic relief


might be gay, frustrated singer, new relationship, ?likable?

Secondary Characters

Women – supportive, more mature, help move the arc of the men learning to accept their lives, unchanging voice of reason, rational
Michelle -- OCD

Style and tone

Character-based, humor comes from the characters
Music – an integral part of the film, represents their glory days, what they long for
Light, not introspective

Target Audience

Middle aged wite men
College grads

The evolution of this film will be one of discovering how to bring these points to the forefront, so the audience experiences them viscerally.