Welcome To CTPR 556

Advanced Editing

You've all had a chance to learn the fundamentals of film editing in your first two years here at USC. Now is the time for a short review and then moving upward into more challenging, more invigorating, and more in-depth territory. After editing your own films in Production I and your partner's film in Production II, you took one of two paths. You either took Intermediate Editing, where you learned by editing on scenes from film and television shows in our library or you edited a film in 546 (either a documentary or narrative film).

The basic storytelling principles that you've developed in these classes can be summarized in the following ways, using terms we've developed in the 535 class. (Click here to see the CTPR 535 website).

The implications of all of this are what we've examined in previous editing classes. Now is the time to move into a place where we can use these observations on longer form projects.

In short -- welcome to Advanced Editing.