Resources for the Student Filmmaker


Where do I go to sceen? How about HD? What sort of resources are available for me, as the student filmmaker?

This is the start of listing those resources. Let me know of additional places.

If any of these links are broken, please let me know so I can correct them.

Editing Facilities
Screening Rooms

Avid Sites




Digital Video Sites


Documentary Sites

Editing Facilities

Big Time Picture Company
Friendly westside editing facilities. I've cut there several times and find their support and personnel very friendly.
Pivotal Post 
Avid Rental, digital Previews

Film Sites

Filmmakers' Sites


General Editing Sites


Interviews and Information Links




This lab gives us great discounts. To take advantage of them you should put in your order through the Post-Production facitilies here on campus -- Betty or Donna.




Independent Feature Project
Tons of resources -- lists of labs, lists of personnel, and lists helpful types . Training events, guest speakers, a library of articles. They have a web page of job listings, available without registration. Most of all, a great networking organization.

Screening Facilities

Big Time Picture Company
Small (16 seats, though folding chairs can be brought in) and comfortable screening room with a large couch. 35mm, 16mm, BetaSP.
Wilshire Screening Room
43 Seats, Reception area. offers "Student, short-film and Independent Premiers" Dolby Digial w/EX, HD, 1080i, Digibeta, DVHA etc.


Studio Film and Tape
Tape stock at very reasonable prices.

Video Duplication

Santa Monica Video Duplication
Will dub and copy videos from practically any format to practically any other video format. They've also got a nice glossary of video terms.

Visual FX


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