DALLAS -- Scene 17

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This scene is from a 1984 episode of DALLAS, a long-running television series which I never saw at all.

No script existed of this in our library so I've created one myself. However, since I didn't know the show at all, I had to guess at a few of the characters names (I got some guidance from a person who HAD seen the show). So, let me know if I've got he characters names incorrect.

Once again, as you do in every scene, try and find the beats. To do that, ask yourself "What is this scene about? Who is/are the characters going through change? What are those changes? Where to those changes occur? Are there areas earlier in the scene which presage those changes?"

This scene, while not an action scene, is about tension to some degree.

DALLAS -- Scene 17


As a crowd of policemen mill about the motel, the Ewings' helicopter hovers over the scene and then lands in the motel parking lot. The doors burst open and JR, PATRICK, BOBBY and CLAYTON come running out of the copter and get to the sheriff.

Are you Mrs. Ewing's son?

Yeah. This is Clayton Farlow, sheriff.

I'm Deputy Sheriff Rockwell. Your sister
appeared to be along when she checked in.
At least the owner of the motel didn't see
anybody with her.

What room is she in?

That one by her car.

Did you have time to check the car yet?

Can't. It's too close to the room.
We don't want to spook her.

You tryin' to tell us that you
don't know if Mama is still with

That's right Mr. Ewing. We can't
get any closer. We understand
that Lady Momford may be armed.

Have you talked with her?

Yep. She warned us to stay
away or she' shoot.

There is a worried pause.

Is there a back way in there?

Yeah. A window. I have men back
there. Let me see if I can get
an answer.

He takes a bullhorn from out of his car and, under the worried eyes of the Ewings, points it toward the motel room door.

Lady Momford! Your brother is
here now! Please come out with
your hands up!

There is a silence from within the motel. Clayton grabs the bullhorn from Rockwell.

Jessica! This is Clayton! I want you to
come out of that room or I'll come in
there and get you!

There is still no movement from within the room. Desperate, Clayton starts to approach the motel.

Come back Mr. Far --

She won't hurt me.

Clayton, she's sick. She can do anything.

Clayton, however, won't be swayed.

Jessica! Everything's okay now. I'm
here and I'm going to take care of you.

He inches further towards the motel door.

(more tenuous)
Now, come on out.


Nobody's going to hurt you.

But there is still no activity. The air is silent, deadly silent. BOBBY and PATRICK look on worried.

That's enough now Jessica! I want
you to come out now.

JR carefully observes the stalemate.

Jessica. This is your brother. I want
you to open the door and come out.

Very slowly, the door starts to open and a very confused and frightened Jessica appears behind it, holding a gun in her hand.

You're doing fine Jessie. You're
doing okay.

Jessica smiles back at him.

Now, I'm going to come and get you.

Clayton tentatively approaches her, ever aware of the gun in her hand.

You're safe now. No one's going
to hurt you. Now just do as I say.

Jessica nods.

Let me have the gun Jessie.

Jessica looks down, becoming aware that she IS holding a gun. She hands it over to her brother and runs into his arms.


Clayton smiles down at her.

I'm so glad you're here. I thought I
could drive all the way to the
ranch, but suddenly I got so

It's all right Jessie.

You know what I'd like to do first?

What Jessie?

Let's ride down to the river and
I'll fix a picnic lunch and Dusty
will join us... just as soon as he
finishes workin' the herd.

She doesn't need them.

Now, I'm going to talk to him.
He won't go out on the rodeo
circuit anymore. He's going to stay
home with us At The Southern Cross.

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