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Movie News (up-to-date links to news)

Very Short Quotes About Film And Editing

Elizabeth Olsen talks about acting and leaving room for editing
Ridley Scott talks about editing HANNIBAL, a movie in which its two leads rarely are in the same frame together.
William Goldman talks about motivation
Editor Gerry Hambling talks about leaving things unfinished.
What and who is an artist?
Sculptor Constantin Brancusi on what the artist's responsibility is to reality.
Stephen Frears talks about bringing out the point of film in editing.
To see a quote from a Kodak ad about what film is.
Jean-Luc Godard talks about the necessity of story in film, and its structure.
Writer/Editor Damon Knight and the power of the single word

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Here is the list of everyone in the class, grouped by partners. I'm not putting your phone numbers down for privacy reasons but make sure that you know them. I've put e-mail addresses because... well... you might want to check on what your partner is doing in order to synch up your editing schedules.

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