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I was recently interviewed for an article in the Editors Guild Magazine about using technology in the teaching of editing at top film schools in the US. Click on the magazine cover above to see the piece (and, yes, that is me on the cover -- looking not so bad, thanks to Photoshop and to the photographer -- Greg Schwartz).



CTPR 535 -- Intermediate Editing

CTPR 556 -- Advanced Editing


In addition to editing, I am presently an Associate Professor and Head of the Editing Track at the School of Cinema-Television at USC, the University of Southern California, one of the top film schools in the world. Above are the links to two of the classes that I teach.

I have taught for the past four years at the Sundance Film Festival. This past year I taught on Understanding the Art of Editing

To see a selection of interviews from the "The View from the Cutting Room Ceiling" editor interviews that I've done, click on either of the logos above or this link here.

I will be writing a piece for them on the 2009 Sundance Film Festival which will appear in February. An article I wrote on the 2007 Sundance Film Festival appears here.

I am the author of the textbook THE FILM EDITING ROOM HANDBOOK, now in its third edition. The book, which is used in schools and editing rooms all over the world (the cover on the right is the Chinese edition), can be purchased through Amazon by clicking on the book images above or by the title in this paragraph.

In addition, I am working on a new book THE LEAN FORWARD MOMENT, which should be published in December. Pre-orders are at Amazon Powell's, and more.


creative cow podcast



Norman Hollyn at BEA
jordan USC workshop

I'm interviewed by Franklin McMahon on the Creative COW Podcast #43, where I talk about using storytelling to engage an audience. You can get to it at the Creative Cow page.

"Digital Production Buzz" - I was interviewed by Larry Jordan and Mike Horton, on the May 22, 2008 episode of their great podcast about all things digital filmmaking.

"Preparing Students For The Real World" -- I was interviewed by Matt Feury for this Avid Podcast, in which I talk about the USC philosophy for teaching filmmaking and editing (this is a link to Part 1 of the two parts) .

"Finding 100 Ways" -- Moviemaker Magazine writer Jennifer Wood and I discuss a wide range of topics -- including the "craft" of editing, and if it can be taught.

"Things I've Learned as a Moviemaker" -- Nine things to keep in mind in your travels as a filmmaker.

2004, September 24 -- Interview on Wired Online about the Creative Commons and Robert Greenwald's placing of OUTFOXED in the public, using the Creative Commons license.

I've spoken on a number of panels, and led discussions at NAB, BEA, UFVA, and other international conferences. Here is a sample:

Women in Cinematic Arts Industry Forum 2008. I led a panel called "TRENDS IN ALTERNATIVE MEDIA: From Your Cutting Room to YouTube". Panelists included Jesse Alpert (New Media & Branded Entertainment, ICM), Fonda Berosini (Partipant Production) and Ken Rutkowski (Ken Radio)

2007 Savannah Film Festival Panel on The Art of Editing LOST.

2005 Broadcast Education Association Panel on "Teaching Collaboration" in which I discuss two classes which force collaboration. Also, here is the Question and Answer session from that panel.

2005 Broadcast Education Association Panel on "New Directions in Teaching Nonlinear Postproduction" in which I talk about changing student bodies. Also, here is the Question and Answer session from that panel

2005, August -- An article in SCREEN MAGAZINE discusses a panel I was on at UFVA in Chicago, about Collaboration in Filmmaking

I am about to start editing a documentary which is titles OFF THE GRID, about architects of "green: building, their ideals, and the realities of the people who live and work in their creations.

I am also editing RIVERS, an international project, focusing on the lives of people who live around five of the major rivers in the world. I am presenting portions of the film, along with several of its directors and producers at the CILECT Conference in Beijing in November 2008.

I joined two other USC instructors in a three-day master class in filmmaking at the Dreyfoos School of the Arts in West Palm Beach, Florida.

I've completed editing the genre film JACK IN THE BOX (trailer). The film, directed by Frank Kerr and produced by Michael Phillips, is projected to be released in 2008.

A USC Trojan article about one of a series of three workshops that I helped organize and participate in, in Amman Jordan. We taught Digital Filmmaking through the Royal Film Commission.

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